Google Chromecast (from hw assignment)



Google is bringing a new way for people to view television. Most people have started to migrate away from the traditional way of television by getting rid of cable or dish. Most people rely on online services and other online formats to view entertainment.

Through this knowledge of their audience, Google has produced a gadget to solve the problem of viewing online formats on a small screen or with lengthy cables. This gadget is called Google Chromecast. It is pictured above. It is an HDMI port converter that connects to WIFI. The connector then hooks up to the Google Chrome browser on laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. This device can solve the problems of not being able to view certain videos on a big enough screen or in a format that is group friendly.

This presents a new opportunity to marketers. By purchasing online ads on various online formats, the dollar of online marketing has stretched even further. On the bigger format, more people will start to exclusively watch videos and content on their television that normally would only be seen on their online device.

Through this opportunity, it will make it easier for marketers to be universally in touch with users. The device will also help promote the “semantic web”. This is beneficial to marketers because it gives a continuous stream of data that locks on to a specific user. This will help data analysis be more precise and less of a guessing game.

For more information the link below is the homepage for Google Chromecast:


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New Windows Surface Reviewed

Windows Surface Tablet

This is the Surface with the touch keyboard.

I recently traveled out of Cleveland Hopkins Airport a week or so ago. In the airport, there was a Windows pop up shop. I looked at the shop for a couple of minutes right next to my gate and I said, “What the heck, I have an hour to kill.”

I went over and started playing with the new Windows Surface tablet. A sales rep came up to me and started showing me how the tablet worked and all of the specs on the tablet.

The tablet comes in a 32 GB and a 64 GB types and comes with your choice of keyboard. There are two different keyboards. One is soft and flexible and comparable to the cover for the iPads. This cover has touch capabilities to just touch the top of the keys and it will type for you. The other keyboard is called the type cover which has actual keys and is a hard cover. These both go over the tablet while not in use.  The tablet itself also has a kickstand for the screen to stand up.

I was overall impressed with not only the Surface, but the connectivity that Windows now has to all of their devices.  The Xbox music and the types of programs that you can run on this tablet is truly amazing. You can run Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. I really like the design of this device as well.

The rise in new devices to challenge Apple is truly amazing. People are pushing the envelope because they have to. This device as well as the new Android devices are truly amazing with all the useful and awesome technology that is included in the device.

The sales rep also included that there is a new surface coming out later in January. It is called the Windows Surface Pro. This tablet will have more storage as well as an i5 core processor. This will enhance the speed and use of the device.

 Buy the Surface.

Xbox Music

Fan-manning: Ron Swanson

The actor and advanced woodworker Nick Offerman plays a character in NBC’s Parks and Recreation. His name is Ron Swanson. Ron Swanson is the epitome of what it is to be a man.

Ron drinks scotch, fishes, does woodworking, loves meat (not fish those are basically vegetables), and a ton of other activities that are just manly.

Ron is a man’s man. He likes to do things that are not the easy way around doing things. He makes things difficult because they are better that way or more rewarding. This culture has lost a lot of what is difficult and gone for what is convenient to us. This makes things and activities less special to us. Being a man is about doing what will be the best in the end even if you have to sweat and bleed to get there.

The biggest symbol of his manliness is all in the mustache. The mustache he has is an art. It is not a dirt stache like a lot of men try, and it is not ridiculous like the mustache competition. It is just a pure and simple man mustache. Ron teaches you about his mustache in this video.

Ron Swanson does not cave into certain trends or fads. He sticks to what he knows like a man. He knows it is not the smartest thing or the best thing, but it has served him well before and it will in the future.

Ron says, “Only women shave below the neck.” He is set in his ways and does not want to change just because something better comes along. He is Ron Swanson.

He takes us to a better time when things were simple and not overly used or publicized. He is what America should be. Men should not wear skinny jeans or tan or get waxes. We are men because we can take it.

This is the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. Study it and you will be a man.

Ron also is a fan of the delicious food bacon. It is not a craze but a lifestyle. He tells you in this PSA for Bacon.

Thank you for reading and remember “An ideal night out is stepping onto my porch and grilling up a thick slab of flesh.”- Ron Swanson

Mobile Wallets, the Death of the Wallet

The wallet has always been a sense of manliness. You bring it out on a date or to the bar to impress that special someone. However, there is a new way to stash all of your credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty programs.  It is the rise of the mobile wallet. The simple and fast way to pay to get in and out of stores without rummaging through a wallet.  It is the easily organized solution to the big bulky back pocket full of wallet.

Companies such as Google and PayPal are making new technology that puts all of your wallets information into your handheld device.  It is simple and easy to use.  The convenience factor is really high.  However, there have been some breeches in the systems.

First off, the wallet does not entirely secure the safety of your cards and identity. This is a major problem, but they are currently working on these problems.  The second and most important is that most phones do not have this technology yet including the most popular phone out there, the iPhone.  Even with the release of the new iPhone 5, the Apple company has not put in NFC technology needed to run these mobile wallets.

This last point says that this technology is not ready for the world yet. It is coming though.

On a manly thought, this could be a good thing. Men will soon not have to deal with the big bulgy back pocket. How ever used to it you are, the wallet is a major sitting obstacle.  The trade off will be a nice leathery good that you can put your cash in. It is hard to say that these mobile payments will be the entire death of the manly gesture of opening the wallet, but it may be coming soon.

Mobile Manly Shopping

I bolt to the car and put it in reverse out of the driveway. I run to the store fully armed and ready to get in and get out with my milk and my TP (toilet paper). I run through the aisles to reach the stuff I need and make a dash to the register.  I exit like Usain Bolt.

The majority of men do not like to go into stores because we do not actually want to shop.  Most men want to go in the store get what they need and get out. We get the essential and do not actually shop at the store.  The whole shopping process is lost on the majority of us.  Most women like to not stop at what is on the list and try new things or figure out if a brand is better or cheaper. Not men.

This is why most men use mobile shopping more than women according to the Mashable article.  The reason is that we do not want to overcomplicate things because then we have to get worked up over things that do not matter to us.  

This is probably not the reaction most men have at the register.

Most men turn to mobile because not only do you not sometimes have to even go into a store using services such as Peapod, Amazon, or even the new Walgreens app. These services provide the ultimate manly shopping experience by delivering the products right to your door.  This service has also revolutionized how we shop. When we want something, we research the topic online to get others opinions and directly order it on the spot.

Cool Food: Epic Burger Chain

The food chain that is only in the Chicago area can only be described by one word: succulent. With the slogan “A more mindful burger”, you would think that this “hippie” food would taste bad.

You would be very, very wrong. This food, which is all organic and is health conscious, has a great taste of a greasy dive bar burger. It is healthy so you will not leave the restaurant being guilty about eating a great burger.

The manly factor here is that you can have your bacon and your fried egg on top without preservatives. The food is “all natural” and the toppings are high quality. The eggs are cage free and the bacon is nitrate free and the cheese is all from Wisconsin. The eggs have that saltiness that hits the tastebuds that reacts to the sweetness of the bacon. The tanginess of the epic sauce which tastes sort of like a thousand island sauce. The about page says it all.

I usually get a epic burger with:

  • a wheat bun
  • bacon
  • fried egg
  • epic sauce– thousand island
  • cheddar cheese
  • lettuce
  • tomato

I also get a shake with whole milk and ice cream because it just tastes better.  The fries are okay, but not anything to write home about. But here is the rest of the menu.

I usually go when I am really hungry. When the server delivers my food to the table, my eyes light up. I grab my burger and and bite into it and the egg oozes out on the sides. The salty goodness is balanced with the sweetness and the meat of the burger. It tastes so devilish, but it is all organic and free range which is good to know, but it is the taste that will make you come back. The manly factor of this restaurant is amazing!

This is the Epic Burger site.